About Me


My name is Kate Kosaya and I’m a New York City based photographer focusing on food, still life, and lifestyle .

I also love experimenting with old film and polaroid cameras. It’s not uncommon to see me carrying 2-3 different cameras when I’m out and about.

I have experience with web, print, advertising, video, and packaging.

You can see more of my personal/lifestyle photography at my blog.

Services & Publications

  • Food Photography and Styling – Restaurant promo, cookbooks, articles, packaged foods, custom recipes.
  • Product Photography – Food related or non-food related, anything well represented by a “still-life” approach.
  • Recipe Creation – Generation of original recipes to support photos or to stand alone.
  • Article/Blog Content – Creation of original articles (food or lifestyle related) to support photos provided, or to stand alone as original content.
  • Social Media/Website Curation – Social media management to promote article/photo reach or specific campaigns.

I’ve been featured:

  • TasteBook by Random HousePhotos and editorial for online features.
  • BuzzFeed – Russian dumplings photo and recipe.
  • Sandpoint Magazine – Photos for multiple issues, both in print and online; Sandpoint Eats & Drinks guide covers and advertisements.
  • Litehouse Foodservice – Photography and videography for the foodservice recipe series.
  • Keokee – Photography for clients’ web and print materials.
  • Country Living – Photos and editorial for online feature.
  • Foodgawker – Multiple photos and recipes.

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